Welcome to Janes Beads and Arts!

Posted by Jane on Nov 5th 2017

Welcome to Janes Beads and Arts! I'm Jane and this is  my first Bead Blog Post! We are so thrilled to have partnered with Big Commerce to create our own ecommerce website to better serve our buyers! We have been selling on the eBay and ETSY platforms for years as a top-rated and 5 star seller and have established a great relationship with many customers yet have been longing to create our own store to give our buyers an even more personalized experience. I look forward to working with you to create custom orders and wholesale accounts, as well as maintaining lots of unique listings right here in on this site! As for me personally, I can't shake this long time love for beads and designing jewelry and I welcome developing a rapport with other bead lovers, collectors and designers (you know how we are...a little obsessed - but that's OK!) in an environment where we can really share what we love! Beads, Beads, Beads! (and stones, findings etc). I'll keep striving to bring the best hand selected offerings - great quality at a great price - as I have been doing in my other shops for years. You can still link to our eBay and ETSY shops right from our tabs in this store and all of our listings are unique to each shop so let me know if you find you want to combine items from any of our sites and I'll create a special listing here just for you! Questions? Just click contact us and let me know (find that link in our about us page or our shipping info page)! I'll be back with more posts (hopefully weekly - I've taken on quite a lot to create this site!) and feel free to subscribe to our newsletter here for important updates and sales notifications - as always NO SPAM - we don't like it either. I'll be chatting with you soon and Thanks for visiting! J