Its a Whole New World! Health and Safety Info on our Studio and Process

Mar 20th 2020

***Health/Safety related info on our studio, listings and shipping process and practices. I want to reassure buyers that we are keeping a clean, healthy and isolated studio. We have always processed listings in this way: first photograph, then measure/weigh/number, then zip lock each item, list, then store in bins on shelving to keep clean and ready for shipment. We have added Disinfecting our glass work table before working with inventory and before preparing shipments, the obvious washing of hands, and keeping new items in their zip locks for several days before even listing online. All of our backstock was purchased prior to Feb 1st and has been in enclosed bags and bins until time allows the listing process. I have a home studio and am currently working alone and also living alone while my husband works out of state to keep our health insurance current. No pets, kids or people coming and going. I am sort of enjoying the isolation. I know people are dealing with many things and stocking up on food and supplies but hope that once you are settled and perhaps a little bored, if you have the means you can safely order from our shop without delays on our end (international buyers should look into possible delays receiving your package and I am trying to stay current on postal services/limits). Best health and wellness to all, Jane