I'm Baaack!

Jan 29th 2024

Its been awhile! There have been many personal life changes and busy-ness with my online bead shops on eBay and ETSY that have kept me away from working on this website and most importantly from designing and crafting my jewelry. I am full of design ideas, have lots of great beads and components...just need to commit a certain amount of space/time to it. Phrases like "Just Do It", "Get er' Done", and "Better Late Than Never" come to mind along with "no guilt", "go with the flow", "don't push too hard", for balance. Things that we all juggle in Life. 

So right now I am shopping the Tucson Gem Showcase (numerous venues), hand selecting and accumulating lots of gorgeous SW Turquoise, Rare and wonderful Antique Trade Beads and other goodies as well as catching up with many vendors/friends from all over the US and World (the really fun part of the work!). Some will go to my designers/crafters/collectors in my online shops, and some will stay in my design collection. It will be a flurry of photography, measuring and listing for a few weeks and THEN...Finally, I will get back to creating! I know how good it will feel to settle in and focus on designing and beading again. It really centers me and brings me peace. I look forward to sharing my jewelry with all of you soon. If you are a buyer in my online shops watch for some really special beads over the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, Happy New Year! I hope you all are spending some time doing things that you love, that have meaning for you. I'll catch up again soon! Best wishes to all, Jane